Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day!

My preamble...It's been two months since my last post? Ugh, the agony of defeat. I promised myself when I initiated this blog, that I'd be intentional and committed to posting content on a regular basis. While I have not much of consequence to blather on about, I do enjoy having a small niche on the Interweb to raise my flag.

Today I opine on the this confounded fluffy white crap that's smothering the formerly verdant blades of my lawn. I enjoy listening to everyone's sordid musings and revelry in the beauty of it all. That facet is not lost on yours truly. However, have snow paramours stopped to consider exactly how blustery and cold it is? Or how back-breaking repeated stooping, scooping and throwing of the powder can be? Oh my word, I am making myself sound like a grouchy old woman.

Eh, needless to say... I'll let you in on my confidences. I really do enjoy snow-bound activities...sledding, cross-country skiing, making a snowman and creating snow angels. I adore how a dry, dead wintry landscape can be pristinely transformed in a matter of hours after a fresh snowfall. I revel in pulling on as many layers as I can find to bundle in, before heading outside to shovel. Plain and simple, it's just fun.

I leave you with this image...two pups, barely tipping the scales at 12 lbs each, running headlong into a snow bank to the point of disappearing up to their tails. Now, that's Norman Rockwell charm.