Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An April Fool...

Wow, where did the month of April go? All I can recollect of the experience is the rain, rain, and more rain. I feel like a fool for not savoring the 30 days of showers that April had a bit more, for earnestly seeking the May flowers.

That thought lends itself to a conversation I recently had with my husband. We were reflecting on the fact that at times, life takes place in the details. And, if you overlook the details in pursuit of what's ahead, you may just miss some of life's greatest moments passing you by!

Were the April showers really that bad? Honestly, no. The outcome and benefits of the rain? The May flowers!

Not only does attending to the details make you stop and take pause from time to time, but it's character building as well.

Don't be an April fool and miss out on some of the greatest aspects of life for being in hot pursuit of the greener grass.

How will you make time to stop and smell the roses in the month of May?