Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogging Entropy ends with Christmas Ponderings

To begin with, it would seem that I've lost all energy and momentum for maintaining my blog of late and for that I apologize to anyone that may take the time to follow my posts.

Usually I finagle as much snark into my posts as possible, but alas that is not the case today. Instead I'd like to take pause and reflect on the meaning of the season upon us.

I've been saddened to watch consumerism run its stealthy course through the ranks of social networks, broadcast advertising, and the like. Christmas is not found under the tree, or in brand names, or in the number of techy gadgets amassed... it's found in the hearts and spirits of those in our families, friends, communities, congregations, etc.

Christmas had become commercialized, consumerist and cold. No, Baby it's Cold Outside is not the cold I reference. I am referencing the coldness that leads to all too quickly forgetting the Reason for the season.

So I challenge to you ponder, what are you doing to hold true to the Real meaning behind our celebration of Christmas?