Monday, February 22, 2010

Avgeek Origins

You've not seen a tree until you've seen it's shadow from the sky. -Amelia Earhart

Ms. Earhart's simple, yet profound quote encapsulates a lifestyle that a number of us live and breath on a daily, if not hourly basis. I'm not a pilot, but a few months ago I flew a friend's high-wing beauty, a Cessna Skyhawk around the Susquehanna & Cumberland Valleys and for a few hours first-hand lived what Earhart's quote expresses. It's one thing to be passenger on a plane, it's a completely different animal to pilot one.

Since I am not a pilot, I consider my career the next best thing to indulging in my avgeek proclivities! I am convinced that working at an airport is not for the faint of heart. The sheer excitement of being in the constant presence of those big metal birds is enough to make my heart burst within the confines of its thoracic cavity. Seriously, if you think aviation is only for the birds, you're missing out!

For those not familiar with the term avgeek, in short it's someone delighted, enamored, okay, okay...let's be honest, down right obsessed with all things aviation. In other words, an aviation geek. Avgeek, get it? My initiation into the avgeek community didn't commence with my career at @HIAairport. In fact, I'm about to admittedly date myself and cop to the fact that when I was 8 in 1988, I fell in love with aviation and big metal birds when I boarded my first-ever flight, destined for Detroit. It's been nonstop avgeekiness (Disclaimer: I am quite comfortable coining new terms) ever since.

My avgeek affliction is so bad that I must hearken back to earlier Levity and Irony posted at the turn of 2010. I mentioned that I fully intended to eliminate my squirrel moments from my repertoire. I should come clean and admit that a plane flying overhead within earshot of yours truly is my last lingering, squirrel moment stronghold. So much so, that I fully believe it impossible for me to refrain!

Are you a member of the avgeek tribe? When were you indoctrinated?