Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Borrowed Inspiration: Exploring my Bucket List

I recently read the blog of a friend, Ami Becker. She posted what I thought was a unique challenge to her readers to make suggestions to her for her bucket list based upon what they know of her interests, character and abilities. I've the privilege of knowing Ami several months, having originally met her via a local tweet-up group of which we're members. Having seen her earlier tweet that had preempted her blog post and based upon what I've learned about Ami since meeting her, I recommended a few items from my bucket list to her:
  • Flying a kite over the White Cliffs of Dover
  • Tracing the footsteps of an ancestor through their home
  • Riding in a hot air balloon at sunset
Her post got me thinking about the contents of my list and how much do I feasibly believe I will accomplish before I leave this life. Her challenge has sparked in me a desire to evaluate my priorities. Part of me finds the concept of a bucket list a mysterious, adventuresome, rite of passage that all persons should have. But, at times I wonder if my bucket list may distract me from the here and now. Does it stir in me some small sense of discontent for things that I've not yet accomplished?

So to Ami, I say thank you for inspiring me to search through my list with a new perspective. I plan to take a critical eye to it's contents and also turn that critical eye inward and determine the spirit behind my bucket list entries. Are they just more things to say "hey, I've done that" or do they actually hold profound meaning, will those entries improve the lives of others, are all of those items really necessary, etc?

So, do you have a bucket list? What's on it?


  1. So funny, Stephanie - Peyton and I were discussing bucket lists on our flight back from Charlotte last week. Mine is organized by category, and, of course, in writing. His is, well, not. But our conversation spurred me to add several line items to mine - although flying the Goodyear Blimp is not one of them (he's already done it!) No need to be competitive with our bucket lists, right?

  2. No, no need to out-do one another with your bucket list entries! What are a few examples of you list content, Laura?

  3. A good friend of mine also recently posted her bucket list and I was humbled by her list of things to accomplish. Her generous spirit came through loud and clear. However, I wondered (like you) if my bucket list would distract me from the here and now. I don't think I've accomplished huge and wonderful things with my life, but I'm very happy. If I were to die tomorrow I would have no regrets...nothing to say "I wish I'd done this or I wish I'd done that" So for me, no bucket list!