Thursday, March 15, 2012

#Avgeek Photo Challenge

What dedicated aerophile doesn't love an opportunity to plane spot and photograph aircraft? If you don't, then you are undeserving of the #avgeek moniker!

For those of us with av-gas in our veins and loving the smell of jet fuel in the morning, I have a proposal. I propose that we declare April 2012 - the #Avgeek Photo Challenge.

What comprises the challenge you ask? Well first get yourself an instagram, twitpic or similar photo sharing account and connect it to your tweets. Once that's accomplished, beginning on April 1st, start snapping photos. Upload the photos, tag 'em with the hashtag "#avgeekphoto" and tweet them.

What should you capture in your photos? Well, I've taken the liberty of creating our
avgeekery content calendar. See below:

#Avgeek Photo Challenge Calendar:
4/1 -
your favorite airline
4/2 - fixed wing
4/3 - any favorite aircraft
4/4 - a pilot
4/5 - night time flight
4/6 - the cockpit
4/7 - aircraft engine
4/8 - wheels down
4/9 - wheels up
4/10 - contrails
4/11 - window seat view
4/12 - rotors
4/13 - tail art
4/14 - landing gear
4/15 - logos and livery
4/16 - wings
4/17 - an airport you love
4/18 - an airport you hate
4/19 - the frequent flyer lounge
4/20 - the fleet
4/21 - baggage handling
4/22 - on approach
4/23 - metal birds
4/24 - general aviation
4/25 - military aviation
4/26 - a piece of aviation history
4/27 - your aviation hero
4/28 - the birth of aviation
4/29 - experimental aircraft
4/30 - an #avgeek

This isn't a competition and there are no prizes. This simply an opportunity to share our mutual love of aviation!

The rules - no naysayers, if you don't like this idea, you need not participate! Don't steal work of others and make sure your content is fresh and original. Most importantly, have fun!

So, happy flying, plane spotting and photo sharing!

Any comments, questions or feedback? Contact me via social means.

Addendum - I've been asked if photos already snapped can be used - sure can!


  1. We're getting everyone on our forums involved, with appropriate plugging! Can't wait!

  2. I have a few photos already in my collection which I can use for this challenge can't wait

  3. I hope you dont mind. has joined in the activities.

    Here is the link to our collection. This is going to be fun.