Thursday, August 23, 2012

LEGO gives Brand Context via Video Marketing

LEGO, manufacturers of the plastic block building systems that many of us enjoyed as kids and as adults, celebrated their 80th anniversary this month.  How did they celebrate?  By releasing an animated short (completed by their in-house team), which illustrates and narrates the joys and trials of the business to-date.  The delightful 15-minute video gives context to the brand story by sharing many behind-the-scenes examples and circumstances that many consumers of their products may not be familiar with, but add to the value the company incorporates into their products.

This short is a nearly perfect example of using video marketing to tell [as Paul Harvey would say], 'The Rest of the Story.'  See for yourself.

How have you put video marketing to work to tell your brand story?  Do you have a favorite(s) example of genius use of video for this purpose by brands you patron?

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